Photos and Highlights from LAC High School Missions, Summer 2016

A group of high school students from Lake Avenue Church has embarked on a weeklong exploration and investigation of California and US history of race relations. We’ve spent the last few days in Oakland and San Francisco – some highlights include discussion of the Black Panther Party and police brutality, genocide of Native American groups (literal and cultural), migrant labor and abuse of Latinx workers, and Asian American heritage (immigration through Angel Island and yellow peril, and then today’s “model minority” phenomenon). When I have time to sit down and write more, I will, but for now – some photos! Students seem to be having a great time exploring the area and bonding with one another, and are really feeling challenged wrestling with histories they were never taught. Please pray for our teens (and adults) as we seek understanding and God in the midst of this.






Discussion and movie with Dom – will update this section soon…



Will update this section with pictures soon…


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