Nice to meet you!

Q: Who are you? What is this?

A: I’m Ellie! Nice to meet you. At the time of writing this, I’m in my second semester of my second year of college. This is a thing called a blog. I’m going to write stuff on it. Maybe it will be good, maybe not. Stay tuned.

tumblr_ntrrnr88ts1uedu2fo1_500Q: Another blog?

A: Yes. Another blog.

Q: Wait, you have another blog? I’m late to the game.

A: Yes. In fact, this is not even the first “Ellie Ebbs” blog – the other (since deleted) I started in high school, and was mostly a mess of poorly organized pedantic rants. Here goes attempt #2. I also run a web fiction series, Home of the Brave, which is still up. I also sort of have a music blog, Plus Minus Plus. It was originally also called “Ellie Ebbs” but that was a bit overkill.

We-Can-Blog-ItQ: Why?

A: I enjoy writing – fiction, essays, articles, rants, witty Facebook posts. I also have a passion for social justice activism and dissecting culture and people (not literally – gross. Leave that for the biology majors and the serial killers). Follow this blog to keep up to date with me and what’s going on in my life and what I have to say about it. And what I have to say about other stuff, too.


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